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What is Shareit?

Shareit is the easiest way to get extra cash. Just get your friends to download your preferred apps and you’ll be making money in no time. The best part is that, if your friends’ friends also download those apps you get bonus money.

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Join Shareit

Joining is super easy and you can start making money straight away.

Download any Shareit-ready app from this list
Generate your code in the Shareit section of the app you just downloaded
Share your code with your friends. If one of them downloads that app you will get paid. The best part is that, you will be paid bonuses for what your friends share as well.

Registering for Shareit® as a user is completely free. However, it’s up to you which apps you download to Shareit®. Most of our partners offer paid apps, which are usually the best ones to try.


How much will I get paid?

You can easily make $100 a month. You can reach this by downloading 2-3 apps per month and sharing them with your friends. In most cases you will get 1USD for every friend who downloads the app. But it doesn’t stop there. You will be getting bonuses for your friends work as well. So as long as you can get around 10-20 downloads a month you will easily reach your goal.


Picture this. You download Storybook (or any other Shareit-ready app). You try it and you like it. You think some of your friends will like it as well, so you post a recommendation on Facebook. You might send a few Whatsapp messages or perhaps a couple of SMS. Now, 10 friends of yours like your recommendation and download the app. At that moment you will be paid $10. Furthermore, each of those 10 friends liked the app and they are willing to share it with 10 friends each. If that happens you will get $20 in total. But it doesn’t stop there, you will still get bonuses if any of those new app users (or their friends) refer the app. Probably other $10 or more.

You can start this network of recommendations for each app available and anytime you want!

How do I get paid?

Payments will be transferred to your Paypal account on a weekly basis as long as you have 10 USD or more in your Shareit® balance. It is really simple to reach $100 each month. So, you can expect weekly transfers of around 25 USD each. However, in the unlikely event that you don’t reach the 10 USD mark in 180 days, your balance will expire and won’t be redeemable. Paypal may deduct small fees from your payments depending on your type of account and country.

You will receive an email from PayPal so you can claim your payments. If you don´t have an account you can create one in a few seconds using your preferred email address. Paypal will send US dollars but you can exchange them to your local currency with Paypal.

You can also send the money from your Paypal account directly to your local bank depending on your country.

Shareit® ready Apps

Just download any of these apps to join Shareit


Q1. What is Shareit®?

Shareit® is a system to increase the popularity of apps through the use of referring benefits. It works on a simple and highly cost-effective Affiliate Marketing system, with zero costs to users.

Q2. How does Shareit® Works?

Just like other Affiliate marketing systems, Shareit® gives apps an opportunity to be discovered through people who are already enjoying them and who are willing to let their friends know about it.

Q3. How can I share my code?

You can share your code straight through your mobile either via social media, email, SMS, etc or pass down the code in your real life interactions. (A piece of paper will do).

To increase your earnings try to test the app first, find the value of it and Shareit with the people most likely to find it useful.

Q4. I’m a developer, how do I get my app on Shareit?

There are no costs for associating your app with Shareit®. You will pay us only if Shareit® gets a user to download your app. Please check out our developer page.

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